“Throw Your Love Around”

As I walk around my local town centre walking Alfie, my dog, I smile at passers by with around a 20% response rate. I find it fascinating how ignorant people can be sometimes, especially when I see these local residents daily. Not only does the ignorance surprise me but I find it unreal how much... Continue Reading →


Oldie, but hopefully a goodie?

I was brought up without social media in my life. Yeah, I'm THAT OLD! 👴🏼 We didn't have a computer in the household until I was 14 and I remember the old dial up (taking an age to load) internet connection, and, get this, I remember floppy disks as big as a side plates!! Someone... Continue Reading →

Sex Tape

Now, just to clarify, I'm not posting a sex tape...sorry to disappoint! I'm not looking for any kind of fame, no offence to Kim Kardashian but it's just not me. Anyway... Who's been watching #SexTape on Channel 4 then?! It's a bit of a shocker to begin with but I really enjoyed it in the... Continue Reading →

Here we go… (eeek!)

Hello! Thank you for joining me…this is my first blog experience! Recently I have craved a space that is just mine, somewhere to engage but also a space to just be me with no outside influence; I am not here to openly offend people however this will be used as a safe space to share... Continue Reading →

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